Made in 2002 as part of my MA at Westminster University, ‘The Bigger the Better’ is a fifteen minute video documentary exploring contemporary notions of male beauty, their origins and their development.

Bombarded by images of ‘hypermales’ in the media, men are subjected to similar pressures that women have been experiencing for many years. The male body is now also being objectified and turned into a commodity. The desire to embody this supposed ideal image of male beauty is a global issue that affects both heterosexual and homosexual men alike.

‘The Bigger The Better’ focuses specifically on the experiences of gay men, and the extremes that they will go to in order to achieve this sometimes unrealistic and unattainable image.

I interviewed a wide range of participants, including professionals in the fields of mental and physical health, and the media. The documentary also features gay men who provide us with first hand accounts of their experiences.

My aim back in 2002 was to raise questions about the abstract nature of beauty and the powerful effect that this image of masculine perfection has on gay communities.
Although it now feels somewhat dated, I feel that the main issues are still relevant today.

Timothy Smith

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